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Vehicle data

All our vehicles used for transportation are equipped with load securing devices. Each truck carries the necessary devices (Belts, Anti-slide mats, and edge protectors) and is equipped with a pallet box to ensure the pallet exchange. Upon request, the exact location can be determined thanks to the GSM-positioning software. All our trucks have the emission standard Euro 4-6.

Data of different types of vehicles we apply:



Standard curtainsider with side panels


Length: 13,60 – 16,62 m, width: 2,44-2,48 m, height: 2,55- 2,70 m

Loading capacity: 25 tons, volume: 85-90cbm

Pallet space: 34



Length: 13,60- 13,62 m, width: 2,48-2,50 m, height: 2,55-2,75 m

Loading capacity: 25 tons, volume: 86-92 cbm

Pallet space: 34


Conventional road-train and Jumbo road-train

Length: 6,10-7,70  m, width: 2,44-2,50 m, height: 2,93-3,10 m (motor vehicle)

Length: 7,70-9,00m, width: 2,45-2,50 m, height: 2,98-3,10 (trailer)

Height of a standard road train 2,55-2,70 m

Loading capacity: 10-25 tons, volume: 100-122cbm

Pallet space: 36-38



Length: 13,60-13,62 m, width: 2,48-2,50 m, height: 3,00 m

Loading capacity: 25 tons, volume: 100 cbm

Pallet space: 34